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A Basketball Club offering AAU Teams, Private & Small Group Training, Classes, Camps, Clinics & Performance Training.

STACK Basketball NJ/NY
101 Corporate Drive Mahwah, New Jersey

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STACK Basketball is a state-of-the-art 15,000 sq foot sports training facility with 2 full basketball courts, 10 hoops, a turf section, a weight room, and sports performance training equipment. Our sports training facility is fully air-conditioned and designed to help athletes have all the opportunities they need to chase their athletic goals. Our AAU basketball, basketball training, and sports performance training programs are organized, well run, and coached by professionals. STACK Basketball is the most positive youth basketball environment that is geared toward teaching kids qualities they can use in life like sportsmanship, work ethic, teamwork, and a positive attitude. 

We train and have classes for elite professional athletes, college, high school, youth 7-11 youth 12-14, and adults. We offer private fitness training, group fitness classes, and training for teams, court rentals, birthday parties, and more!

We also have STACK AAU basketball teams for boys and girls in 1st -12th grade. We offer private basketball training, we have a basketball performance class for players that want to jump higher, get stronger and be quicker. Our teams have a full home court for games, a practice court for workouts, and a private court for training. Parents can relax in our comfortable waiting area or enjoy our facility with ample seating around the basketball courts.


Our youth sports training facility is designed to meet the needs of athletes of all skill levels and to provide a positive environment for all players to have the best opportunity possible. Our AAU basketball program and training are developed by past professional and college players. The STACK sports performance training programs are developed with the help of world-renowned sports performance coaches who have coached numerous first-time, elite, and professional athletes, as well as collegiate national champions and All-Americans. Our basketball and performance coaches continue to assist in the ongoing development of programs that are scientifically designed to improve basketball skills and IQ, speed, power, and agility, as well as build confidence.

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Google Reviews from Athletes & Parents!

  • Muriel Corradino Avatar
    Muriel Corradino
    - Google


    Jessica Wilson Avatar
    Jessica Wilson
    - Google

    Stack is the best facility and youth sports program I have come across. It is very refreshing to find such... Read More...

  • Alex L Avatar
    Alex L
    - Google

    Great place for kids to learn basketball, soccer, and general sports training.

    FIFA Legand Avatar
    FIFA Legand
    - Google

    I have played for the program/ and played at camps at stack basketball and I have to say it... Read More...

  • eyedoctor69 Avatar
    - Google

    A very nice clean state-of-the art facility. My son loves playing here and for Stack. The coaches are awesome! And... Read More...

    Kiko Chaires Avatar
    Kiko Chaires
    - Google

    Great place for kids! They promote awesome team play.

  • Vinita Bapna Avatar
    Vinita Bapna
    - Google

    Nice facility and great coach! I'm really enjoying the adult fitness classes by coach Dryden. He is a great coach.... Read More...

    Abdulmalik Umar Avatar
    Abdulmalik Umar
    - Google

    Just by the name Stack, because is my best app. I used it more than every app in my phone.

  • Alex Do Avatar
    Alex Do
    - Google

    This is a great place . The coaches / trainers are real professionals and knowledgeable. They really care about the... Read More...

    David Lew Avatar
    David Lew
    - Google

    Great facilities. Coaches take the extra time to teach kids the fundamentals. The owner Ryan is always very... Read More...

  • Reynaldo Cruz Avatar
    Reynaldo Cruz
    - Google

    My son Dylan has been training with Coach Joe Feinberg for the past 12 months. His shooting, ball handling,... Read More...

    Renee Krukovsky Avatar
    Renee Krukovsky
    - Google

  • Melissa Heuss Avatar
    Melissa Heuss
    - Google

    We had an AWESOME birthday party at Stack Sunday for our 7 year old son. I have hosted many birthday... Read More...

    R Cruz Avatar
    R Cruz
    - Google

    My son Dylan has been training with Coach Joe Feinberg for the past 12 months. His shooting, ball handling,... Read More...

  • Philip Espina Avatar
    Philip Espina
    - Google

    Christopher J. Zeig Avatar
    Christopher J. Zeig
    - Google

  • Mel “Cobolt2112” Avatar
    Mel “Cobolt2112”
    - Google

    Esteban Cubas Avatar
    Esteban Cubas
    - Google

  • Anthony Giannella Avatar
    Anthony Giannella
    - Google

    best basketball club ever

    M. C. Avatar
    M. C.
    - Google

  • Sharon Sutliff Avatar
    Sharon Sutliff
    - Google

    a huge thank you to ryan, dryden and the rest of the coaches at STACK. my kids had the best... Read More...

    Michael Long Avatar
    Michael Long
    - Google

  • Xavier Moreno Avatar
    Xavier Moreno
    - Google

    Basketball Trainers are top notch and my child has learned so much from STACK!

    J. De Alegria Avatar
    J. De Alegria
    - Google

  • Mawel Soler Avatar
    Mawel Soler
    - Google

    Great place to take your kids and have the game of basketball get taught to them properly

    Joan Ingerman Avatar
    Joan Ingerman
    - Google

    My boys have been playing for Stack basketball since the beginning. It’s such a wonderful environment for kids to... Read More...

  • Mary Dimacali Avatar
    Mary Dimacali
    - Google

    I particularly like the youth classes. Stack is good about employing coaching who pay attention to the individual child's strengths... Read More...

    Sean Dugan Avatar
    Sean Dugan
    - Google

    Stack is a great place for young basketball players to take their games to the next level ! The facilities... Read More...

  • Pointless Gaminģ Avatar
    Pointless Gaminģ
    - Google

    It has great coaching staff and a good team but if a player goes on the bench and scores only... Read More...

    M K Avatar
    M K
    - Google

    I’ve played basketball at Stack and under Coach Ryan Tremblay for many years. Without stack, I wouldn’t have been able... Read More...

  • Matthew Gall Avatar
    Matthew Gall
    - Google

    I wanted to leave an updated review of how great our experience at Stack has been. We just had our... Read More...

    shibu thomas Avatar
    shibu thomas
    - Google

  • Frankie P Avatar
    Frankie P
    - Google

    Stack is more of a skills program like more on working of skills the coaches were ok but they cared... Read More...

    Sory Vanterpool Avatar
    Sory Vanterpool
    - Google

  • Okang McBride Avatar
    Okang McBride
    - Google

    Excellent basketball facility off of Rt. 17 South -- The entrance is around the back so when you arrive stay... Read More...

    Frank Rinaldi Avatar
    Frank Rinaldi
    - Google

  • Andrea Macias Avatar
    Andrea Macias
    - Google

    John DeWitt Avatar
    John DeWitt
    - Google

    Great coaches. Clean location. They have several courts so they can run multiple events at the same time.

  • shanna howard Avatar
    shanna howard
    - Google

    Antonio Zuñiga Avatar
    Antonio Zuñiga
    - Google

  • Frankie P Gameplays & reactions Avatar
    Frankie P Gameplays & reactions
    - Google

    Stack is more of a skills program like more on working of skills the coaches were ok but they cared... Read More...

    Craig Agrusti Avatar
    Craig Agrusti
    - Google

  • George Decker Avatar
    George Decker
    - Google

    Mel Avatar
    - Google

  • Stacey Kratochvil Avatar
    Stacey Kratochvil
    - Google

    I can’t thank you enough for being open during this depressing and crazy time (Covid). Stack has been such a... Read More...

    Johanna Esposito Avatar
    Johanna Esposito
    - Google

    Great coaches! The facility is wonderful!

  • Jay Taheri Avatar
    Jay Taheri
    - Google

    I trained in Velocity for over a year and half. In my opinion every coach is different but all are... Read More...

    Yulia Gutierrez Avatar
    Yulia Gutierrez
    - Google

  • John Stewart Avatar
    John Stewart
    - Google

    STACK sports is a great facility for adult and youth fitness and sports performance training. STACK also has the best... Read More...

    Federico Antonio Gutierrez Amaya Avatar
    Federico Antonio Gutierrez Amaya
    - Google

    My son had a great time playing on the STACK team and attending the summer camp. I must say the... Read More...

  • Dave Avatar
    - Google

    Alex Lora Avatar
    Alex Lora
    - Google

    Great place for kids to learn basketball, soccer, and general sports training.

  • Edwin Pinto Avatar
    Edwin Pinto
    - Google

    Great place! My children love it, they always have a great experience, hands down their favorite place.

    David Valenzuela Avatar
    David Valenzuela
    - Google

    Very clean facility and well run basketball program

  • Irwin Arzu Avatar
    Irwin Arzu
    - Google

    Margaret Lenkway Avatar
    Margaret Lenkway
    - Google

    Great place for young athletes, coaching staff does a great job not only helping them improve but teaching valuable life skills

  • Calron Dover Avatar
    Calron Dover
    - Google

    Excellent place to teach children sports. Looking forward to joining the STACK Team

    ETAndHighlightVlogz Avatar
    - Google

    Blues a color

  • Fernando Mejia Avatar
    Fernando Mejia
    - Google

    John Eide Avatar
    John Eide
    - Google

    Great facility for all your B-ball needs. Really need to get ahold on coaches yelling at refs and trying to... Read More...

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