Setting Goals in Youth Sports

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One of the most important ways to achieve success as a youth athlete is setting goals and working to achieve them. All great youth athletes take the time to not just think about the goals they want to achieve during their career but write them down as well. Goal setting should be something that is taken very seriously and they should be realistic goals for you to achieve. One the best benefits of youth sports is the fact that many athletes set goals then work hard to achieve them and this habit can applied to attaining anything in life.

Goal setting involves establishing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted goals. Goals provide a sense of direction and purpose. Goal setting capitalizes on the human brain’s amazing powers: Our brains are problem-solving, goal-achieving machines. – Wikipedia

STACK Sports understands the importance of setting goals and wants to help all players and coaches to develop a work ethic that involves this vital part of success in sports. At STACK Sports our coaches are always asking the athletes what their goals are and are their actions showing they are trying to achieve them.

In order to achieve goals you first have to set them and it takes more than just a mental thought or an idea. You should be consistently writing down and studying your short term and long term goals as a youth athlete, then backing up what you write with the continuous effort to takes to attain them. Setting goals should be considered part of your training to improve and accomplish different things you want as a youth athlete. A few examples of goals you can set are:

Short Term Goals:

  • Get Good Grades in School
  • Make a Team You Want to Try Out For
  • Improving Some Individual Skills
  • Do Something Everyday to Improve

Long Term Goals:

  • Get Good Grades in School
  • Become a Good High School or College Athlete
  • Be Known as an Athlete Who Was a Good Teammate and Hard Worker
  • Be Able to Teach Someone Young When You are an Adult

When I was growing up and working hard to become a great basketball player, I practiced setting goals in my own notebook. Most of the goals that I wrote in my notebook were realistic but I did have a few that were not. I believe that your goals should be ones that you can have a good shot at reaching. A good realistic goal may be to become the best defensive player on your team or that you want to play varsity high school basketball someday. A goal that is considered not realistic would be to want to do a 360 dunk from the foul line.

It is also very important for you to name your notebook something special. The name of my notebook was, “My Ticket to a College Scholarship” The reason I named my notebook this is because each day I would write goals that would help me do everything possible to get a college scholarship for basketball. Your notebook should be a place for setting goals for yourself and to put them in writing so you can read them over and over. Your notebook is like an action plan where you write down all the goals you want to achieve and the action you will take to go about reaching them.

When it comes to the importance of setting goals please remember this. You can write all the goals you want in your notebook and that is a great start to attempting to achieve them. You will never achieve any of them if you do not back up the written goals with action. The action that needs to take place to attain the goals you set in your notebook is consistent hard work and the mental toughness to never to give up till you reach them.

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