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6 Benefits of AAU Basketball

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Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball is a popular way for young basketball players to get in some extra practice and games. There are many benefits of AAU Basketball and that go with the additional training, such as playing against high levels of competition.

            Since AAU teams field players from all over, they are not limited to recruiting from certain areas, allowing teams of the best athletes to be formed. As such, these teams are quite competitive, giving a highly challenging experience to any teams that go against them. This can help with the development of players, as the better an opponent that athletes face, the better they become.

            A second benefit is related to the previous one. Because AAU teams are so good, players are forced to earn playing time, keeping starters from getting complacent and giving bench players something to aspire to. This also keeps coaches from playing favorites, as the high level of competition often forces them to play the best players, regardless of their feelings toward them.

            A third benefit is that AAU players are forced to deal with adversity. Almost all people will face adversity at some point in their lives, so the earlier on they learn about it, the better off they might be to deal with it. Because AAU teams are so competitive, there is a chance that blowout games can occur. This forces the players on the losing squad to buck up and deal with it, striving to be better next time.

            A fourth benefit is that AAU players are forced to learn to become good teammates. No team can truly succeed if it is composed of players that won’t work together. Being in a competitive AAU league will encourage teamwork, because there won’t be wins without it.

            A fifth benefit is that playing AAU basketball is fun. While the above benefits are all useful, it is important to remember that having fun is one of the objectives of playing sports. Some athletes thrive in competitive atmospheres, making AAU even more fun for them than other leagues.

            A sixth benefit is that AAU players at the high-school level can get increased notice by college coaches. While this may seem like a pipe dream, as not all AAU players get recruited by college teams, the increased visibility isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In the occasion that AAU leads to a college scholarship, this skepticism will surely be forgotten, replaced by happiness that the young athlete in question played AAU.   

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