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4 Drills to Prepare for Basketball Tryouts

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Basketball tryouts can be a very stressful time for young athletes, as they are worried that they won’t perform up to their abilities or impress their potential coaches. However, by preparing the right way, tryouts can become a worry-free endeavor. Working on the proper basketball drills will not only sharpen up your skills but build your confidence leading up to the tryout. 

One way to prepare is to practice ball handling. Coaches are going to be on the lookout for players that are composed when in possession of the ball, so creating a good impression by being poised and confident while dribbling or making a play can be a good way to capture the attention of coaches. Players can gain confidence in handling the ball by practicing dribbling for a couple of hours a day, to the point where it feels like second nature.

A second way to prepare is to increase peripheral vision through practice. Players can make their peripheral vision better by focusing on one thing while doing something else with their bodies. This can be combined with practicing ball handling if the players want to train their dribbling while also focusing on something else.

A third way to prepare is to improve on passing. Passing is one of the most important skills a player can have, as it creates open space, can confuse defenses and make set plays work to perfection. Passing can be practiced with a partner with relative ease, as it does not require too much space or too much skill from the partner. If a partner cannot be found, a wall can also be used to simulate passing and pass reception.

A fourth way to prepare is to practice defense. Players who are good defensively are almost always going to attract the attention of coaches, because, as the old saying goes, “defense wins championships.” Any player can become a competent shooter, with relatively little practice. Defense, on the other hand, requires time and dedication to perfect, as well as athleticism and skill. Players can practice their defense by having a partner drive to the hoop while they defend. Though this may not seem like the most exciting drill, it closely emulates what an opposing player may do during a game, making it good training.

            Working on these skills in a private basketball training session with an expert trainer is also a great way to sharpen up for tryouts. By improving these skills, players can increase their chances of making the squad. 

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