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Top 10 Tips Every AAU Basketball Player Should Know

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If you want to make headway persistently as a player of AAU Basketball, you have to enhance your performance par excellence. In this respect, you need to concentrate on those thorough things which could contribute to your practice sessions. Besides, you will have to accentuate the significant attributes that the coach desire, especially during competitions. When participating in the games, every player of AAU basketball needs to understand the following tips comprehensively. 

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  1. Work hard every possession: As an AAU basketball player, you need to know the importance of offensive possession. If you work hard for every possession, you will gain the time. In fact, possession is a vital statistic in basketball. Thereby, your team would be able to compute statistics based on every possession. Thus, it depends on your efforts and energy level to make a difference. 
  2. Make your teammates better: It is quite essential to keep thinking while playing basketball games. You have to make additional passes and take care of your team defence. For this reason, you must know your team’s limitations and positive aspects. 
  3. Do your drills with deliberate intentions: It is also important to carry out your practice and drills with thoughtful evaluation and determination. While dribbling and moving forward, you must be confident enough in controlling position, keep changing speed. This will help you go hard. 
  4. Follow BEEF: Always keep in mind the Balance, Eyes, Elbow, and Follow (BEEF) when carrying out shooting training. By means of BEEF, you can properly maintain your techniques. During shooting drills, always begin from the basket and steadily move away from the original place when got to form shooting. 
  5. Move without the ball: To move without basketball seems awkward and meaningless to some players. However, it is also a useful technique to put into practice. It does not matter whether you are taking part in the drills without the ball; instead, you get involved in a game or competition. In fact, this technique will help improve your skills and eventually your play that would prop up your teammates and help control defenders. Moreover, break sharply and always prepare your hand to respond swiftly. 
  6. Stay low on defence: As soon as you find the ball in your possession, utilize your hands to choke your opponent’s sight. In this regard, stand before them, and box out to take your position to prevent the opposing player from moving to the basket. Thus, keep staying yourself low on defence, whereby you would be in a position to stop your opponent from getting offensive possession. 
  7. Defence off the ball: On the offensive side of the court, a similar technique you can adopt when taking a position at the defensive side. In this regard, keep yourself vigilant and focus on the ball, especially on the defence, to prevent cutters from gaining offensive position. As a matter of fact, the bump cutter training is wonderful to help players get the better of their challenges, whether on offence or defence. 
  8. Transition quickly: It is equally important to be at home as regards the transition defence. Transition quickly is not to surrender easy scores to the opponent. This is carried out by having a few defenders recover on the defence as soon as possible. 
  9. Shoot Every Day: As we know that practice makes a man perfect, and perfection comes with repetitions. Therefore, you should take at least 500 shots every day and maintain a record thereof to know how many you have done. In addition to this, carry out shooting, dribbling, and ripping through, and keep doing this frequently daily. 

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Jump rope four times a week: At the outset, embark on jumping rope for 30 seconds for 10 to 12 sets, and enhance the time thereof subsequently. This exercise has a host of benefits. It increases your stamina, body flexibility and improves heart health, coordination, and many more.


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