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9 Qualities every Basketball Team Leader Requires

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Leadership is a trait that is simple to recognize but tougher to define. Certain key characteristics make you a great leader, have a look at them:

Work should be the greatest asset:

This is where it all commences; therefore you should be the most industrious worker of the team. It’s the quickest way to enhance your reliability and reputation with your teammates and mentors. If hard work, compassion, and consistency are missing it leads you nowhere.

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Demonstrate the best interest of your team:

Don’t care about who scores the most, who plays the most, or who gets the due credits. You must be willing to work in the larger interest of the team, rather than personal interest. A leader is the one who must team first, which most players lack. You must be willing to sacrifice for the sake of the team as the priority.

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Be an energy giver:

Your eagerness, zeal, and warmth for the game should be vivid to anyone witnessing your practice or game. Your energy and strength level should be a booster for team performance. Your presence must inculcate a sense of positivity and essence to the team and the atmosphere.

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 Mistakes are normal, make it a learning process:

Great leaders always adhere to a risk-taking approach. More risk results in more chances of mistakes and errors. Development, improvement, and ultimately progress come directly from the mistakes. You must admit the mistakes and then learn from them. This thought process is vital to becoming a strong and smart leader for the future.

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Mental strength sets you apart:

Learn to be resilient, strong and bounce back immediately after the mistakes. Don’t turn one mistake into two, be a player of strength that your teammates look forward to as a face of adversity. Have mental toughness to be able to handle an ample amount of pressure. Teammates must look up to you willing in predicament. Leaders always have the ball in their hands while the game is on the line. Don’t be scared to fail in clutch situations, instead consider it as an opportunity to display your skills, talent, and preparedness. In case of a setback, be ready to take responsibility and look into the future for success.

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Do the little things right:

When no one is watching you, you must try to improve things without getting noticed. Give the same level of effort and input in absence of a coach which you give in his presence. Good leaders don’t allow any slippage or loopholes irrespective of the absences of the coach or not.

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Build relations with teammates:

 Leadership is all about relationships and people management. You can lead or guide anyone if you don’t have friendly relations with them. You must get to know every individual in the team, spend time with them and make a strong effort to get to know every member of the team. A one-on-one conversation with the teammates before and after practice can bring in a huge difference. It strengthens the ties and a strong bond develops which ultimately pays off as the season unfolds.

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Fill your team member’s tank:

Look forward to teammates who are doing the right things to assist the team as a whole. Applause and praise the teammates for their tireless efforts and contributions in drills and resilience when mistakes occur. Everyone performs better when the tanks are filled with appreciation and truthful applause. Recognize the actions which you aim to witness again and again.

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Choices add up to the victory:

Each day we make choices, each action contributes to the team’s victory. Individual actions may seem insignificant but collectively your choices have a stronger impact that will add up to your success or failure.


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