About the Program

The STACK Basketball Training Skills Academy is a program for players who are looking to dedicate time and hard work to improving their individual skills set. Basketball skill training is essential for all players if they really want to improve. Players who take the time to focus in on the fundamentals  and proper techniques of basketball are simply better than players who do not. Working out in a small group or class setting is different from private basketball training because there will be other players in the workout pushing each other to improve. 

Our Basketball Training Skills Academy will consist of several group training classes per week and players have the option to come to 1, 2 or 3 per week. The classes will be organized by grades, girl or boys and will have no more than 12 players in them at a time. 

Our Head Trainer

Joe Feinberg

Basketball Training

  • Fast paced ball handling drills.
  • Intense offensive dribbling moves.
  • Game speed shooting off the dribble.
  • Catch and shoot for reps.
  • Full speed drills for conditioning.
  • Speed, agility and quickness drills.

Class Schedule


3:00pm (3rd – 5th)

4:00pm (6th – 8th)

5:00pm (HS)


10:00am (3rd – 5th)

11:00am (6th – 8th)


6:45pm (6th – 8th)

11:00am (6th – 8th)


4:30pm (3rd – 5th)

11:00am (6th – 8th)


1 x per Week
$120.00per month
  • Choose 4 classes per month!
2 x per Week
$200.00per month
  • Choose 8 classes per month!
Drop in Session
$40.00per class
  • 1 Single Class

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