Coach Jacob DeFelice

Basketball Coach/Trainer

  • Pace University Graduate in Finance 
  • Suffern High School 4 Year Player
  • 5 years of basketball training and coaching

Coaching Certifications:

“My goal as a coach it to help players become fundamentally sound.

About Me

Jacob De Felice has spent the last 15 years dedicated to mastering the game of basketball as a player, trainer and coach. He spent 10 years as a player learning the guard position, fundamentals and key skills crucial for success at any level.

When his time on the court came to an end, he continued his basketball journey as a trainer and coach. Jacob has trained athletes across multiple sports in strength and conditioning, specializing in high intensity functional movements. He has worked with all ages throughout his time as a basketball skills camp coach – curating programs to further players abilities based on their current skill set.

He now coaches and trains here at STACK! Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your game to the next level, coach Jacob can help you get you there.     

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