Coach Mike Branagh STACK AAU Basketball Mahwah

Coach Mike Branagh

Coaching Advisor / Mahwah HS Basketball Coach

20+ Years Coaching Basketball & Certified School Teacher

“The team must have discipline to work together.”

About Me

Coach Mike Branagh is entering his 2nd year as a coach here at STACK Sports and is a senior coaching supervisor. His vast experience coaching high school girls and now boys at Mahwah has been a tremendous asset to our program.

Coach Mike brings 20+ years of coaching experience and has made a tremendous impact for all young players here at STACK. He has and will continue to to help them prepare for high school basketball by running very disciplined offensive and defensive strategies.

Coach Mike also played high school and college football as a quarterback, which has really helped him relate to young athletes as they make their way though grammar school, middle school and high school. He coaches football at Mahwah High School and has made great relationships with the young players at STACK. Mike is happily married and has 3 young boys and 2 of them also play in the STACK Basketball program.