Coach Terrelle Myers

Basketball Coach/Trainer

  • 10+ years basketball coaching experience. 
  • STACK Certified coach and trainer.

Coaching Certifications:

“You must first master the fundamentals!”

About Me

Coach Terrelle Myers has been around the game of basketball for over 20 years. He started playing when he was just 4 years old and continued on played through high school basketball at Hillside High School. He received several college offers from Stoney Brook University, FDU, and Rider University. 

Coach Terrelle has been coaching basketball for 10 years and has trained with some great players such as: Tyrone Johnson (Villanova, South Carolina) Jerrell Thompson (Sacred Heart University) Xavier Munford (Rhode Island, NBA and Overseas) just to name a few.

Coach Terrelle is filled with passion and love for the game, which he loves to share with young players. He credits basketball for all the good things in his life and it has taken him places he never thought was possible. Coach Terrelle is known by his peers for his dedication and overall knowledge about basketball.

Coach Terrelle is looking forward to sharing his basketball knowledge and positive energy with the young players at STACK! He hopes he can contribute to them not only improving their skills but teaching them life lessons the can learn from chasing their dreams. 

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