Coach William Ridley

Basketball Trainer & Coach

  • Played professionally overseas for 3 years
  • Coached Youth Basketball for 27+ years.

“Dedication to your craft leads to excellence!”

About Me

Coach Will is from Los Angeles, Ca.

U.S. Military Veteran, Saxophonist & Certified youth development coach with USA Basketball. He is the Godson of pro football player Cookie Gilchrist. He excelled in music performance and basketball as a teen.

In 1978 he was mesmerized seeing his idol Pete “The Pistol” Maravich playing in NBA game at the Forum versus the Lakers, when he was a kid growing up in Los Angeles, Ca. He was a good little HS basketball player as he chose to decline to redshirt his first year D1 Basketball, enlisted in the US Army where he briefly trained with the 1986 Boxing team & then played semi-pro basketball Warton barracks Germany in the United States Armed Forces Sports.

Coach Will has coached with leading AAU program, the Scouts BSA troop 414 NYC, Pee Wee Kirkland’s School of Skillz, and was an assistant to his friend and former NBA shooting coach Dave Hopla at Hopla’s Shooting Clinic in Hoboken, N.J.

He is extremely excited to be a part of STACK Basketball staff so he can share his basketball knowledge with 1000s of youth players.

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