Elite AAU Basketball
New Jersey & New York

STACK BEAST Elite AAU Basketball is for serious players from all over New Jersey and New York who wants to commit his/her time to a program that tries to play the toughest competition we can find. The STACK BEAST Elite AAU Basketball is not the same as the normal STACK AAU Basketball Teams and demands a high level of skill combined with a full athletic commitment. 

If you are accepted to the STACK Elite Basketball Program you are expected to make it your top priority. The emphasis of this program is total commitment, play at the highest level possible and to win. Playing time is not guaranteed when playing in this program and we are always doing what is best for the team to try to win.

You should do comparisons against other AAU programs and you can easily find out why to choose STACK AAU Basketball. If you feel you have what it takes skill and commitment wise to play for our STACK BEAST Elite teams then look for our next tryout our let us know.

STACK BEAST Elite AAU Basketball
Mission Statement

STACK BEAST Elite AAU Basketball Club New Jersey
based organization whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for New
Jersey and metropolitan area youth to get a chance to pursue a higher education
and to learn teamwork and fundamental life skills necessary to
succeed in grammar school, middle school, high school, college, and future careers.

2nd Grade
8 &

5th Grade
11 &

3rd Grade
9 &

6th Grade
12 &

4th Grade
10 &

7th Grade
13 &

Committed to Excellence

2018 11u NJ AAU State Champs!

2018 13u NJ State AAU 2nd Place!

2017 12u NJ State AAU 3rd Place!

2017 10u AAU Nationals 6th Place!

2016 9u NJ AAU State Champs!

2016 9u NJ AAU State Highlights!

STACK BEAST AAU Teams are Age Verified!
If your team is not, it is not a real AAU Team!

STACK Plays by the Rules!

When you see a team that calls themselves an elite team do your homework. First you have to see if they just cheat by putting older kids on the team. We see some programs locally that do just that. Its easy to create an elite team with older kids and play against younger kids but its cheating and its not an elite team. Kids have legitimate reasons to be held back but if they are not of the correct age they cant pretend they are. AAU basketball has strict rules and is cracking down on cheating by programs who play older players down. AAU Age Eligibility

2017 AAU Age Eligibility & Grades

  • 9u (3rd grade) athlete can be no older than 9 on 8/31/19
  • 10u (4th grade) athlete can be no older than 10 on 8/31/19
  • 11u (5th grade) athlete can be no older than 11 on 8/31/19
  • 12u (6th grade) athlete can be no older than 12 on 8/31/19
  • 13u (7th grade) athlete can be no older than 13 on 8/31/19
  • 14u (8th grade) athlete can be no older than 14 on 8/31/19


Did You Know?

Our Stack Beast teams have become a dominant force in the NJ State AAU tournament the past few years and the main presence from Bergen/Passaic County. A big part of this is many of the teams in the area that called themselves elite are just cheating and they are not age eligible for NJ AAU. If your son wants to play for an elite team at STACK and he is of age contact usWe have a lot interest from parents who play(ed) on teams that cheat and they rightfully don’t want to have their son being taught to cheat. Its pretty simple-just ask the ages of the kids on your team-if they are too old its not an elite team-its a program looking to take a shortcut exploit your son and cheat. You don’t want your kids to be on a team that cheats. STACK AAU Basketball makes sure all it’s players are the proper age and on the proper teams and we do that by getting them verified on National Sports ID.

STACK BEAST Code of Conduct

The STACK BEAST Elite Basketball Program was created to give players who are committed to our program the chance to play with and against the best competition in the United States. Therefore, STACK has created a code of conduct for ALL participants in the STACK BEAST Program must follow to assure that our program is being represented properly at all times. This code of conduct will be clearly explained to all parents and players who are selected when the time comes.

STACK BEAST Player Facts

  • Players Play All Year Round
  • Players MUST prioritize for STACK BEAST and not play for competitors
  • Players MUST be AAU Age Eligible or Grade Eligible for Grade Based Team
  • Players MUST be AAU Member
  • We Enter the NJ State AAU Tourney
  • We Play in Top Tournaments in Area
  • We Practices a Few Times per Week

Meet Our Coaches

Paul Anthony Williams

Head Basketball Coach

Played professional basketball overseas for 10 years.

Played Division 1 basketball at St. Bonaventure University.


Coaching Certifications:


“Hard work beats talent any day!”

Paul Williams an accomplished professional basketball player with 9+ years of experience. He prides himself on being a tough athlete with great instincts and solid knowledge of the game.

In addition to his professional basketball career, Paul has been a coach and mentor to many athletes over the years and prides himself on his ability to relate to young and upcoming athletes to instill the importance of not just technical ability and skills but also positive team dynamics, sportsmanship and integrity.

Paul’s love for basketball started when he played for St. Patrick’s High school in Elizabeth, NJ – where NBA star, Kyrie Irving, also attended.  Both were under Coach Kevin Boyle, now at Mountverde Academy , winner of three National High school Championships.  During this time, Paul had the opportunity to play with Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, Randy Foye, and Lue Deng.  

While a St. Patrick’s Paul was 1st team All State; Union County Player of the Year and the Star Ledger named him “Best Big Man in the state of NJ” in 2002.

Paul established himself as a reliable, consistent frontline player in the Atlantic 10 Conference during his tenure at St. Bonaventure University where he graduated in 2007.

His professional career started in 2008 in Spain, the second best league in the world, second to the NBA.  In Spain, Paul was awarded Def. Player of the Year, Spain All-Imports Team,  All-Defensive Team, Second Team All-Spain, and Spain LEB Bronze League Champion.

Paul is excited to be part of STACK Sports Training Center where, despite his 6’10 stature has incredible diversity in his basketball training techniques and basketball IQ he intends to use to transform the aspiring athletes of today into the basketball stars of tomorrow.


In the Huddle with Coach Ryan Tremblay

Our Director Ryan Tremblay brings over 30 years of basketball experience to the STACK Basketball Program. Not only was Coach Tremblay a 1st Team All-Decade basketball player in Bergen County New Jersey for his stellar high school career during the 1990’s and he was a part of 3 championship teams, as a player for Caldwell University. He was a 2-time All-Metropolitan point guard for the Cougars landing him in the Caldwell Universtity Athletic Hall of Fame. He was lucky enough to have learned team basketball from legendary Coach Mark Corino, who is the 2nd winning-est coach in New Jersey college history.

Coach Ryan Tremblay has combined his relentless work ethic as a youth basketball player, with his deep understanding of team basketball from his success at the college level, to help STACK players prepare for high school basketball.

Coach Ryan helps STACK basketball players become confident composed thinkers on the court. He has the unique ability of teaching the game with patience and coaching in a calm manner, never losing the focus that his players are there to learn. He understands that youth basketball games are much more than winning and losing. His main objective is to coach young players correctly, so they can learn the game of basketball and play it the right way.

Coach Ryan Tremblay has only a few requirements of his players and they are: listen, learn and work hard. All of his players understand the importance of these 3 requirements and if they practice them, they will improve. To read what parents and players are saying about Coach Ryan Tremblay you can visit the page STACK Reviews.




STACK BEASTS Home Court & Training Facility


 BEAST Spring AAU Tryouts!


February 25th – 28th

Please see tryout schedule below for your child’s day and time.

STACK Sports Performance
101 Corporate Drive Suite G
Mahwah, NJ 07430
$20 Fee Covers ALL Sessions
(For Boys Ages 9 – 14)

The season will go from early March through late June

If you cannot make tryouts but still want to play please call 201-684-9190 to discuss

Players should try out for the grade he/she is in as of Sept 1, 2019.

Tryout Schedule

Mon Feb 25thTues Feb 26th
4pm – 5pm 1st/2nd Boys
4pm – 5pm1st/2nd Girls
5pm – 6pm 3rd/4th Boys
5pm – 6pm 3rd/4th Girls
6pm – 7pm 5th/6th Boys
6pm – 7pm 5th/6th Girls
7pm – 8pm 7th/8th Boys
7pm – 8pm 7th/8th Girls
8pm – 9pm High School Boys
8pm – 9pm High School Girls
Wed Feb 27thThurs Feb 28th
4pm – 5pm1st/2nd Boys
4pm – 5pm1st/2nd Girls
5pm – 6pm 3rd/4th Boys
5pm – 6pm 3rd/4th Girls
6pm – 7pm 5th/6th Boys
6pm – 7pm 5th/6th Girls
7pm – 8pm 7th/8th Boys
7pm – 8pm 7th/8th Girls
8pm – 9pm High School Boys
8pm – 9pm High School Girls

For More Information



Call: 201-684-9190