D2 Class

Explosive Power (Ages 15+)

In the STACK Sports Explosive Power and Strength Class athletes have developed neuromuscular patterns and the fundamental skills of speed, agility, and power. For Developmental II athletes in this sports performance class, the technique is fine-tuned, and the final pieces to build the total athlete are provided. In essence, each athlete is optimized according to their biggest areas of improvement.

During the 60-minute Developmental II Explosive and Strength classes, training begins to resemble sporting demands. The Explosive Power and Strength programs focus on the repeated application of learned athleticism to create mastery. We provide endless combinations of athletic skill training so competing in the game is effortless. In addition, focus on Strength and Power increases with moderate and heavy loads to optimize power output.


Unlimited Training Classes $189 per Month!

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Get Faster
Get Stronger
Get More Athletic

Speed | Agility | Strength Video!

Become Powerful & Explosive!

  • Focus on Repeated Application of Learned Athleticism to Created Mastery

  • High Repetition Using Neuromuscular Patterns

  • Sport Specific trainingĀ in Areas of Speed, Agility, Strength, Power and Functional Movements

  • Injury Prevention

  • Preparing our College Bound Athletes for the Demands of Intercollegiate Sports

  • Progressions of Speed, Agility and Strength Training

Class Schedule

5:30pm 7:30pm 7:30pm 12:00pm

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Training Packages

$300.00 per month Unlimited
$240.00 per month 2 x per week
$120.00 per month 1 x per week
$220.00 6 Sessions (use as you go)
$440.00 12 Sessions (use as you go)
$840.00 24 Sessions (use as you go)
$40.00 1 Class (drop-in)
Private Training Session
$350.00 5 Private Training Sessions
$700.00 10 Private Training Sessions


Unlimited Training Classes $189 per Month!

Call 201-684-9190 for More Info!

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