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One of the major differences between good basketball players and great basketball players is their work ethic. The players that are willing to work hard and put in the extra hours to practice their skills are always the ones that become the best basketball players. The greatest basketball players of all-time practice extra hard all year round and have a relentless work ethic.

Wikipedia defines work ethic as: “a set of values based on hard work and diligence, which may include being reliable, having initiative, or pursuing new skills.”

To put that definition in basketball terms it may sound something like this: To have the will or mental toughness to consistently work hard on the physical skills and mentality it takes to become a better basketball player.

I have seen many talented basketball players that had all the God given gifts to be great players but since they did not have a relentless work ethic they always seem to never live up to their potential. These players give all the excuses to why they are not practicing or winning and usually don’t want to be a good teammate.

If you want to get the most out of basketball during your playing days then play as much as you can. Develop a great work ethic that will help you do at least 1 thing to improve your game each day. You can work on your jump shot, defensive stance or watch these Basketball Tips videos but try to work on something every day. If you promise yourself that you will commit to trying to do one thing each day to improve your game before you know it this will become a habit. If you develop a great habit like this from your work ethic then you are giving yourself the best chance to reach your full potential, as a basketball player.

Here are some great ways to develop a relentless work ethic:

  1. Have a positive mental attitude and do something every day to improve as a basketball player.
  2. Try to practice sometimes when no one else is. (for example if is raining outside you can go in your garage and work on your ball handling)
  3. Start a notebook that you can write your goals and keep track of all the things you should be working on to become a better player.
  4. Get your friends and play pickup games at the park and other players will show up and you will play against good competition.

If you want to be become a better basketball player or better at anything in life, the best way to improve is to work at it. You have the choice right now to decide that you are going to start practicing as much as possible on your basketball skills. If you commit to developing a great work ethic, before you know it your improvements will help you become one of the better players and most importantly you will be ready to face the competition when it is time.

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