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Youth Sports in School

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Oftentimes, children and young adults will have the opportunity to participate in sports through their schools. These are very important activities to partake in, for a number of reasons and most of them translate into very positive effects of youth sports.

One reason is that participating in school sports can give young athletes enjoyable, physically challenging activities that keep them from sitting around. Getting in a habit of sitting down and playing video games or computer games or watching television at a young age can cause these same children to grow into adults with the same unhealthy tendencies. Conversely, getting into healthy habits at a young age can result in more health-conscious lifestyles as the children grow up. Participating in school sports is also helpful for growing children, as the sports help their bodies grow properly. Such activities support the healthy growth of the heart, lungs, muscles and bones. They also improve agility, coordination and balance. Furthermore, exercise is a great stress reducer, helping to alleviate behavioral problems and make children feel better overall.

Another reason that school sports are helpful to participate in is that they can help improve social skills. Introverted children can have difficulty making new friends, but by playing with teammates in practices and games, friendships are almost sure to form. This can make school more fun, as the more friends a child has, the better chance they have of being in a class with somebody they know, which can be helpful in frightening or new environments.

A third reason school sports are so important is that they keep children and young adults active, keeping them from participating in other less-savory pursuits. Indeed, experts say that young athletes who play school sports are less likely to commit crimes or join gangs, in addition to being less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol and get pregnant at a young age.

A fourth reason school sports are fine ways to spend free time is that they can help young athletes learn self esteem and confidence. Learning to cope with losing at an early age can help with a child’s development, and the satisfaction earned by winning can buoy a student’s spirits when they might otherwise have been feeling down. Plus, the experience of competition with teammates and opponents can translate into the classroom, where a student may become more driven to succeed and earn good marks. Additionally, students who play sports are more likely to have a positive body image of themselves, keeping them from getting too worked up about their appearances.

For all of these reasons, playing school sports is a fine way for young athletes to spend their free time. Signing them up for the team may be one of the best decisions a parent can make.

A great program for youth athletes that promotes getting good grades in school before sports is: University of Basketball

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