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Importance of Passing the Basketball

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In basketball, as in many sports, being able to pass is an important skill to possess, as passing leads to easy baskets and, by extension, victories. One major problem is players these days do not work on their passing enough. One great way to improve your passing is with some hardworking private basketball training where you can learn the proper technique and get the reps in.

Basketball is known as a team sport. As such, the more a team gets involved in the game as a whole the better it will do. Sure, it is certainly possible for a basketball team to score some points with minimal or even no passing, but this is no way to ensure long term success. Once the opposing defense realizes that one player will not pass the ball, they will flock to that player keeping him or her from being effective.

By passing the ball, basketball players cause openings for their teammates. Any team that is able to rapidly pass the ball will have opponents on their heels, unsure of who the ball is going to. This can create wide-open chances, resulting in easy layups or even three-point shots. This tactic is easily seen while watching NBA teams or skilled college-basketball teams. Players on these teams pass the ball with such rapidity that there is almost always somebody open for an uncontested shot.

If the basic idea that passing can lead to victories is not enough, once can also argue that passing is important to teach young athletes because it promotes team building. By learning to rely upon their teammates instead of trying to win the game all by themselves, young athletes can realize that they are only as strong as the sum of their parts. This may not always be apparent in youth basketball, as there are often players who are able to dominate thanks to growing faster than their peers, but the idea is still there. A team made up of somewhat-talented players who pass the ball around will have just as good a shot, if not a better one, of winning a game than a team whose offense lives and dies with one ball-hogging player.

This also allows for teams to have easily insertable bench players, who can be ready to play at a moment’s notice and actually be effective due their passing skills. Some teams’ weaknesses are exposed by their bench players, but when the whole team learns to pass, especially in youth basketball, these will not typically be apparent.

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