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Helping Players Cope with Injuries – Dealing Injuries Mentally

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Playing sports is loads of fun, nonetheless, getting harmed isn’t. There are several factors causing sports injuries. As a professional coach, you need to be well aware of them. The main causes include an accident such as a fall or heavy blow, lack of proper warm-up before exercising, use of inappropriate equipment or poor technique, and pushing yourself too hard. Injuries due to these reasons may lead to immediate pains, tenderness, swelling, restrictions in movement, or stiffness in the affected area. Youth basketball is no exception in this respect.

Strategizing for Temporary Physical Restrictions

At times, an injured player may get annoyed and frustrated feeling the indifferent attitude of his or her teammates. It happens during game players keep continuing their games and do not stop when there is any injury occurring to any player. Being unable to get out of the court while sustaining injuries, youth players expect due care from their teammates and coaching staff. Seeing the indifferent attitude of other teammates, they start feeling disrespectful. It is therefore important for all teammates including the coach to pay proper attention towards an injured player especially with motivational words of his or her early recovery. It is difficult to take part in the exercise on the court for an injured player. However, the injured player may be engaged during a practice session with a doctor’s permission. A coach plays a crucial role in such a situation. As a coach, you need to strategize such practices that include simple drills to keep him or her fit. This type of training would make them feel that soon they are going to resume their games on the court as an important part of the team. In case these tricks don’t work then as a coach try another method of imagery. Ask the injured player to imagine a few drill practices using mental images.

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Helping injured players who are feeling isolated

A regular player after an injury may leave the court and start feeling in isolation. In this connection, a responsible coach has to help the injured players by alleviating their stresses as well as the sense of isolation. This will reflect your support and compassion for them. The emotional support is vitally essential because of being out of their game. Therefore, every sign of improvement in terms of their recovery must be shared and discussed. This will surely enhance the trust level.

Lessening an injured player’s Anxiety

To lessen an injured player’s anxiety is equally important for an early recovery from injuries. In this regard, mental imagination works a lot with imagery things. An injured player is unable to go on the court for taking part in full drills. As a coach, you have to spare some extra time for an injured player to spend time. It is a good way to share your past experiences while you had come across such a situation and got healed by willpower. Tell them the stories of your past days and about techniques you had used to cope up the minor to major injuries.

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Injuries are part of a game whether you are well-trained and equipped with all necessary precautions. It is not necessary to sustain an injury due to your fault. Sometimes, the opposition players’ faults cause accidental injuries. But a proper game plan with a good strategy one can avoid such injuries. Moreover, a good and responsible coach can handle the injured players using care, compassion, and a host of techniques to help them cope with injuries. 

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