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Undoubtedly, women’s basketball has risen to a much higher level of success since its inception when Dr. James Naismith invented the game in Springfield Massachusetts in 1891.The first women’s basketball team was organized by Senda Berenson at Smith College, adapting Naismith’s rules to emphasize cooperation with three zones and his players on each team. It has been hardly 100 years since the origin of this game, the women can play it quite skillfully like other men’s teams. Women can avail a sizable number of basketball scholarships every year.


Indeed, women’s basketball developed to a greater extent in terms of recruiting, scouting, and scholarships. However, its evolution is full of learning and amusement. In 1892, Naismith created the game with prospects. She was a physical education teacher who started teaching it to young girls. In the beginning, female basketball players had special rules to follow. They could hold the ball for a few seconds only, and dribble three times before passing the ball. This was amusing at that time and compared to today’s women’s basketball game. However, now the women basketball players have become quite professional in their games. The game has advanced and changed from various perspectives over the previous century, however the present guidelines have similar major standards as Naismith proposed in 1891. Originally, basketball has 13 rules and was played with two peach baskets as goals.

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Difference between the older and today’s game

Today’s game is different from Naismith’s game, the older one. The original game of basketball almost 125 years ago had no dribbling. Players had to throw the ball from the spot on which they caught it, allowing the man in motion to catch the ball just a few steps. Another difference was that if either team committed three consecutive fouls, it counted as a goal. Moreover, there are a few differences between men’s and women’s basketball especially with regards to the rules. These also include the style of play as well as its over-popularity. The ball size of both categories is different. The ball is smaller, the three-point line is closer and the game is not played above the rim. However, similarities are more than dissimilarities.

The change in Women’s perception as regards men

In its early days of women’s basketball even much before scouting, recruiting, and scholarship, the women basketball players would keep males away from watching their game. In contrast, these days women’s basket players want everyone to see their game without any restriction.


Permanent fixture

In the first place, women’s basketball has permanent fixtures like scholarships, scouting, and recruiting. Moreover, it has its own pro league, the WNBA like the NBA for men’s basketball.

In 1979 Ann Meyers signed with Pacers

In 1979, Ann Meyers signed a contract with the Indiana Pacers, becoming the first woman to receive an NBA tryout. That impressed everyone.

Making headways

For a long time, there has been a consistency in its progress, especially in its new and improved model.

Game’s all-time players

A few of the greatest women’s basketball players in history honored with awards are staunch advocates of the women’s basketball game. Nancy Lieberman, Cheryl Miller, and Lisa Leslie have been the most prominent figures in addition to the UCONN women’s basketball team for the development of this game.

The Best Feature of Women’s Basketball

Teamwork and cooperation were the basis of this game at first when it started. Though women’s basketball is a competitive game, teamwork and cooperation are its best features. The majority of its fans are of the view that the women’s game is more accurate and fair in a true sense.


Women’s basketball is a fair and decent game depending on passing, ball movements, and getting an open shot. The foundation of this game teamwork and cooperation are still its norms.

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