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Safety Rules for Basketball – Sports Injury Prevention

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According to a few people, basketball is considered to be a contactless game. But this is not true for those who have experienced and played the game themselves. Because, it is a fast game with frequent and aggressive body contacts, and injuries can occur. For a safe game, there are certain measures that need to be ensured by the players in order to avoid and prevent any injuries. Players get hurt during this game commonly due to player contact, difficult landing, swift changes in direction, and mostly by being hit by the ball. For preventing injuries some safety rules are to be followed especially regarding the swing of elbows, vulnerable players or defenseless players, Jewelry, playing conditions, unsafe location. 


Clearing out space with elbows is a foul when contact occurs. If a player with the ball swings elbows outside of body movement, it is a violation. If a player with the ball pivots with elbow out, ball at the chin, then there is no violation. Therefore, no player is allowed to swing his elbows to get the basketball while the other player is about to bounce back through the air to recover the position. If a player appears to be committing a foul by means of elbow contact with an opponent, the referee can declare that simple foul as a personal foul involving excessive violent contact, that could have injured massively. This type of foul is always considered a flagrant foul. This also results in the ejection of the player committing a foul or temporary suspension depending on the force and intensity of the hit. Therefore, the safety rules of the basketball game prohibit the swinging of elbows to avoid any harmful injury. 

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Vulnerable Players 

In a situation where a player is essentially helpless, he is going to be vulnerable in the game. This happens in the basketball game when a player attempts to jump while trying to prevent a rebound from going out of bounds, he is supposed to be a vulnerable player as defenseless. It is a safety rule not to hit such a defenseless and vulnerable player. Thus, if players who hit or foul defenseless players can face ejection or suspension depending on the severe blow. But a defensive player when found committing physical contact in defense will not be taken to the task. However, the referee will decide as to whether the defensive player was intending to stop or hurt. 


Another safety rule says that no players are allowed to wear neck jewelry, wrist jewelry, or earrings during basketball games. Individuals are not allowed to tape over any jewelry item. Thus, among other things, the dress code involves a jewelry ban. The prohibition of jewelry wearing is to protect the players and keep them away from getting injured while interacting during the game. The referee has to implement this rule and if found any player wearing jewelry shall be stopped right away. 

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Other Safety Considerations

Safety measures in the basketball game are thorough and comprehensive. In addition to the players’ actions with certain restrictions, there are a host of other safety considerations in the basketball game. The location where the game is played must also be secure. For instance, the court needs to be kept free from moisture. Further, the location of the game especially the court of basketball is to be made free from all types of hurdles and problems for smooth play. 

Besides, there should also be a medical first aid facility at the location of the game and well conversant coaches with basic first aid knowledge. Moreover, the backboards should be strong enough to endure the pressure of the basketball and fast shots of the players. 

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