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How to Prevent and Deal with Basketball Injuries

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Basketball is considered to be one of the most popular sports in the world. And just like any other sport, it has a lot of physical interaction with other players. You have to tackle, dribble and jump in Basketball. Even though playing Basketball is a fun experience for people of all ages, it can also become a bit harsh sometimes. This is due to the injuries people can get while playing Basketball. Basketball injuries are common. Injuries in sports, in general, are prevalent. Small injuries happen regularly in Basketball. These small injuries can be prevented, though. If you want to learn how to prevent such injuries in Basketball or if you want to learn to treat an injury, then keep reading this article. 

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Preventing Basketball Injuries

Prevention is always better than cure. If you take these measures, you wouldn’t have to worry about treating basketball injuries.

  • Make sure your clothes and shoes fit. Do not play Basketball if you do not feel comfortable with your shoes. This is the first thing you should do before going to play Basketball. 
  • Do not start playing immediately after you enter the Basketball court. This is a mistake a lot of people tend to make. Be patient and warm up for a little while before playing Basketball. Do a little stretching and then go on to play. Playing without warming up can cause injuries easily.
  • Play Basketball the simple way. Do not try to do something extraordinary, especially if you have not tried that before yourself. Learn the proper playing techniques and follow them. Most people injure themselves trying to do something funny. Just follow the rules and play properly to avoid injuries. 
  • Make sure the place where you play is clean and has a dry surface. Don’t play Basketball if the court is not playable. Be patient and play somewhere else or some other day. 
  • If you are injured, take some time off Basketball. Let your injury completely heal itself, and then you can enjoy the sport. Don’t play with an injury, as it will only make the injury even worse. Be patient and let it heal.
Treating injuries

Even though taking all these measures prevents a lot of injuries, they cannot always prevent injuries. Sometimes accidents happen in sports which can injure you. Do not worry if you don’t know how to treat injuries. Here are some very common Basketball injuries and how to treat them:

Ankle and Knee Sprains

Ankle and knee sprain injuries are very common. These injuries can happen in any sport. In Basketball, if you suddenly step on a player’s foot, it can cause an ankle sprain. The ankle turns inwards and causes extreme pain. The ankle might even get swollen or bruised. Knee sprains happen when you suddenly stop after running or change your running direction. This can happen without any physical contact with other players.

You can treat both of these injuries using the same method. In this method, you have first to rest the injured area. Then ice the injured area for 20 minutes every 2 hours. You can use a compression wrap to reduce swelling. Finally, elevate the injured area above the heart. You can treat other injuries such as muscle injuries or bruises using the same method as well.


A concussion can happen with anyone playing Basketball. Concussions can happen without people falling unconscious. If a player does experience a concussion, they should be immediately taken to the doctor and treated. Do not let the person play any further or practice unless the doctor allows. Some symptoms of concussion are confusion, vision problems, memory and speech problem. Concussions are quite dangerous and should be immediately treated.

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