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Common Sports Injuries and Prevention Tips

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Sports is a fun way of exercising. The competitiveness of sports makes it so much better than just regular exercising. However, as much fun as we think sports are, they can also be a bit dangerous sometimes. There is always a risk of getting injured in sports. Anything that involves physical activity will always have some risk of getting an injury. These injuries are more common in sports, though. This is because it not only does involve physical activity, but it also requires competitiveness. And when two sides physically compete for victory, there will be injuries. 

Therefore, the least we can do is try to prevent these injuries. And if we take the correct measures, injuries can be avoided to a good extent. Here are some of the most common sports injuries and the ways to prevent them:


A concussion is a serious injury that is quite common in sports. Anyone can have concussions in sports. Concussions don’t necessarily mean going unconscious, though. Some people can get concussions even while they are still conscious. Some symptoms of getting a concussion are feeling very dizzy, getting confused, vision, speech, and memory problems. If you see someone with any of these symptoms, immediately stop them from playing any further. Do not let them continue playing and take them to the nearest hospital. Concussions should be treated as soon as possible, or they can cause issues later on. Do not play any sports until the doctor allows you to. 

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Ankle and Knee Sprains

Ankle and knee sprain injuries are probably the most common sports injury. An ankle sprain happens when you suddenly step on another player’s foot. The ankle moves inwards and causes extreme pain. You might get a bruised or even swollen ankle. Do not even try to play any further if you have an ankle sprain. Knee sprain is similar, except that it usually happens when you suddenly stop or change your direction. Knee sprains can happen without even involving physical interaction with anyone else. Do not play sports until your injury gets completely healed.

Heat-Related Injuries

Playing in super hot weather is quite dangerous. This is because heat injuries happen very commonly in sports, and they are very dangerous. Long outdoor sessions will drain a lot of sweat from your body. And this will cause a lot of salt and water to deplete. And in this scenario, you should keep drinking cool water or cool down your body for a little while. If you do not do this, you can suffer a heat stroke which, if not treated, can even lead people to die. That’s how serious head injuries are. 

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 Muscle Injuries

Muscle injuries can happen while doing any physical activity. Muscle injuries in sports are probably as common as ankle and knee sprain, if not more. No one can predict a muscle injury is going to happen. But it usually happens when someone starts playing sports immediately without doing any warm-up beforehand. 


Tips on Preventing

All of the common sports injuries told above can be prevented. Just by following a simple set of measurements, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting injured. Firstly, make sure you feel healthy. Do not play any sports if you feel down or if you haven’t slept. Do not go playing with an empty stomach, and definitely do not go with an injury. Make sure to warm up for a little while before you start playing. Most injuries happen because a person has not warmed up. Make sure you don’t play roughly. Play safely and fairly. Do not try to be extra. People sometimes injure themselves trying to do something extraordinary. Just play properly, and you will not get injured. Finally, even if you get injured, try to get it healed before you start playing again.


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