Four Great Ways to Keep your Team’s Attention

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If you are a coach or a  trainer conducting a coaching session of a large group of youth, especially at sports camps, you will be needing to handle them and attract their attention. Undoubtedly, such a vast, crowded group can cause disturbance and mess around. In this regard, you need to devise a prudent strategy to control them tactfully and make them attentive during the different training sessions. There are many ways to keep such large groups of children. However, the following techniques can be more effective to handle them and keep exercise productive. 

1. Keep the lecture short:


While delivering lectures to a huge number of groups at practice sessions, you need to be smart and precise. The participants should not be deviated by your lengthy and cumbersome lecture. You should be using different and interesting techniques to keep the kids attentive and inquisitive because an unwieldy type of discourse without small breaks, especially during the practice, would make them lethargic. As a result, kids will not attend it again. The lengthy lectures are never welcome and demotivate the kids. If you want to keep all kids enthusiastic and keen to attend your lecture with interest, you better make it shorter, preferably by two minutes. As a matter of fact, the lectures are not dull; instead, they get ineffective subsequently.

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 2. keep drills short and funny:

if you are using the half court for making kids practice and carrying out drills, these should not exceed 5 minutes if the practice is being done on the full court, that can be extended to 10 minutes. In case your practice group is much larger, then you must restrict to these tips to keep the kid’s interest intact; otherwise, it would become tedious and monotonous. The uninteresting and long drills are discouraged because it lessens the interest of the kids. Resultantly, the kids would start dropping out sharply. It is important to keep drills short, smart, and full of fun.

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3. Clap Method:

At the very outset, ask the kids to clap with you in the same manner and with the same repetition. Before starting, they must understand how and when to clap. For instance, your twice clapping must be followed by their clapping in the same number but loudly. In this way, you would be able to get all kid’s attention in due course of a sequence of claps taking, thereby hardly a few seconds. This technique involves the kids and makes sure the interactive practice session. Thus, you can also keep a vigilant eye on everyone. This type of method of practice enhances collaboration, communication, and coherence amongst the kids. This will make them utterly attentive as a team.

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4. Line Method:

Using the line method, you can keep the kids active and vibrant by participating in line-up games. At first, it would be better to divide all kids into different groups giving them distinct names such as “white,” “green,” and yellow. Thenceforth, arrange a competition of making lines wherein the kids would race towards the assigned lines already earmarked for each group. Having conveyed all necessary instructions, start the competition by yelling “lines,” and the kids in designated groups would run and sit down to their respective lines already assigned. The group that gets at the line first would be declared the winner. In this way, you can get the proper attention of your teams with a great show of enthusiasm.

 Admittedly, these four methods comprising different techniques work in groups using a small practice. The ideas of the clap method and line up are exceptionally significant to keep kids’ attention. These practices increase physical and mental health in addition to other skills markedly.


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