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How To Plan Effective Basketball Practices

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According to the famous Bob Knight, one of the most significant factors that can contribute a lot to the success of a coach is the structure of the practice. It is the structure that matters the most if we talk about the practice. 

Following are a few samples of how basketball training can be structured. These are just a sample, and they will vary according to the level and needs of a team. In addition to this, if there are some skills that would e focus on each and every session while there are a few that would be allocated for only specific sessions. Moreover, there will be two different approaches with regards to high school kids and those kids that are very young. 

Those kids that are high school going should be investing half of their time in building the team skills and half on individual fundamentals. However, those kids that are young must focus largely on fundamentals rather than on team skills. 

In addition to this, one of the most important things that must be considered while practising is planning. Planning must be of top-notch level. In fact, John Wooden has said that he spent large time on planning rather than on practice itself. The planning would involve more time than the practice itself. This is one of the most significant things to know. Moreover, if you are going to a gym, it is important that you must first plan as to what you would do in the gym. You just can not simply go there and start to work out. Everyone must take the example of a teacher who first plans a particular lesson of a subject before teaching it to a class. The same must be done by those who are willing to practice. They must first plan about how they would do everything, and then they must get into action. 

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Practice Pointers:

Stretching exercises: Stretching is important in order to reduce the chances of injuries occurring. Those who do not stretch have more chances of getting injured during the practice session. I addition to this, people must come early in order to do stretching. Doing all this in between can cause a lot of time wastage. 

Selecting drills: Along with that, one must properly choose the drills that they are going to do during their practice. One of the things to consider while selecting the drills is the factor of individual fundamentals and team skills. Drills must be based on these.


Additional tips with regards to drills: When performing drills make sure to move quickly from one drill to another. This is because spending a lot of time on one particular drill can make you bored and will then demotivate you to participate in the next one. Therefore be quick and change frills regularly and consistently during the practice. 

In addition to this, you should make your drills more competitive and tough. It will help in achieving more success more quickly and will make practice sessions more interesting. Moreover, one must also budget their time for each drill. This means that if you are trying something for the first time, more time must be given to that practice, and if you are doing a particular drill that you are already familiar with, you then must spend less time on it and move quickly. 

These are just a few of the tips that we have mentioned with regards to the planning of effective basketball practices. One must try different other things simultaneously as well in order to achieve more success and better results.

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