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8 Tips Every High School Players must know about the AAU Basketball Program

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There are certain simple things that high school athletes of AAU basketball can work upon to boost their overall performance. Whether it’s on or off the court, emphasis on these critical factors helps in maximizing your practice time, competency, and overall performance that coaches or mentors look for in you during the sports. Besides, you are required to accentuate important attributes that are required during the sports. Below are the 10 simple yet common tips on which youth athletes can work to become strong contenders. 


  • Work on your skills:

If you work hard on your skills and develop them over time it will be a game-changer for the young players. Your strength and energy are contagious so, work on enhancing your skills and competency at the high school level to achieve milestones soon.

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  • Build teams:

Teamwork plays a significant role in building up your competency. As a team, you can learn more about an extra pass, play the defence, and by knowing your strengths and weaknesses you can improve the overall game. Teamwork is the key to excel in AAU basketball. The team assists you to work upon yourself for the sake of the larger interest rather than personal interests.

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  • Drills with intent:

At the high school level practice certainly helps in developing your skills. If you do the drills with the right intention and compassion towards sports, it will improve your overall performance. Coaches and mentor guidance will be additional support that helps you in changing your speed, keep your fingertips on the ball correctly, always dribble your head up and go hard. 

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  • Apply BEEF:

Coaches are there to guide you in the following BEEF. During your practice sessions, always keep in mind Balance, Eyes, Elbow, and Follow to develop your technique. By starting closer to the basket and eventually moving further will certainly assist you in sports. Your mentor will work upon it to bring out the inner talent.

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  • Move with or without the ball:

Youth athletes if they don’t have the ball, no need to feel demotivated or down. Just because you don’t have the ball doesn’t represent your absence from the sports. Your play can greatly support your teammates and overall team. Always be ready and cut hard, keep yourself ready and go back if the wing is denied. 

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  • Remain low in Defense:

Stay low in terms of defence, meaning as soon as the ball is in your hands attentively grab the opportunity to choke your opponent’s sight. For this, stand in front of them and keep opposing them to go near the basket. Youth athletes must learn to stay low in defence without using any abusive words or passing derogatory remarks to the opponents.

 Keep the spirit of the sports alive. Concentrate on the sports and focus on improving the techniques. On the offensive side, adapt a technique when taking the position as per guided by the mentor or coaches. For this, keep active and vigilant and stay attentive towards the ball especially in the defence. Training greatly assists in both of the challenges whether on offence or defence. 

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  • Transition is vital:

A high school player needs to be adaptive as quickly as possible according to the situation. Transition or change doesn’t mean surrendering easy scores to the opponents. It is done by having a few defenders recover on the defence side as quickly as possible to remain in the sports till the very end.

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  • Practice with the help of coach/mentor:

It’s a famous saying ‘practice makes a man perfect. High school athletes need loads of training and practice sessions with quite a several repetitions. Coaches must assure maximum practice frequently by the emerging players to make them flawless for the sports. In this manner, they can achieve excellence shortly. 


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