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7 Qualities of a Great Basketball Camp

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There are several basketball camps to choose a local at school or while travelling to more popular camps around the country. There are hundreds and thousands of basketball camps in the U.S. how to select the best basketball camp?

As skill and learned development coach, high-school coach, or any other who has witnessed dozens of camps, here we take an insight into a few of the qualities of remarkable and great basketball camps. Look for these qualities in a good camp.

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Players are continuously occupied:

At a well-run camp, players will be high occupied and busy in activities. No or less standing around or in queues as nothing is worse than standing in queues at the camp and thus, waiting for their turn. If a camp has dozens of players, good camps will keep them planned and improves over time. A good camp will organize their players and keep them engage in the camps.

Players keep Listening:

An excellent camp instructor will explore different ways to connect with players. He gives them proper care and attention. If all players are silent and their eyes are on the instructor represents the fact that is, an instructor is well-learned to manage different players successfully. Good camps can capture the attention of players and therefore, teach them for future development.

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Focus is on player’s development and progress:

A great camp will make you learn the fundamentals, skills, ethics, and athleticism that can assist you with what coach or team you play for. They will emphasize on physical and mental ability and development of the players. The camp instructor should be a specialist when it comes to development and progress and is enforced on the entire camp.

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High level of Repetitions:

The best basketball camps give you numerous repetitions and practice as it’s believed that practice makes a man perfect. The ideal way of learning is to hear, see, listen and then do. For the development of skills, repetitions and practice will help with new muscle memory and overcome weaknesses. So, ironically, it can be said, good camps will get you loads of reps.

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Coaches are vigilant and active:

A camp progresses when camps are as great as the people running it. Great camps have mentors and coaches who are doing their work properly and to maximum potential. The lead instructor is moving around and ensuring all the assistants are teaching properly and thus, players are learning and improving. This depicts the activeness of the lead instructor who is ensuring the work is done. Talking and chat with the assistants also makes a lot of difference and also reflects the dedication, hard work, and commitment towards his work and the players.

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Players have a ball in their hand most of the times:

Each player is allowed to play and during the camp, the ball remains with the players. For ball handling, there might be two balls to teach them techniques. However, for practice like drills, cutting, screening, and defense ball may not be necessary will for a better offense; you require a ball in your hand to develop skills.

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Character Building:

Good camps spent an ample amount of time developing skills and building character. Basketball is a great way to learn real-life skills. Not every player will become an athlete or professional player but teaches you morals and life lessons that help in becoming a better individual. Good camps will provide you an opportunity to teach these lessons.

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Players learn mental toughness:

A good camp will avail opportunities to assist you in building mental ability and different aspects of the game. Besides, sports make you rough and tough. They teach them about leadership, mistakes, toughness, and teamwork.  The mentality is an imperative part of basketball that can’t be negated. A good camp helps to develop and improve mental toughness among the players.  


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