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Tips for Running an Effective Practice for Youth Basketball Coaching

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What makes efficient youth basketball coaching? This comes from effective, well-maintained, productive, and flexible practice sessions that come down to emphasizing little and simpler things. Basketball sessions for young athletes are normally short and precise, which usually lasts for only a few weeks. With only one to two basketball practice sessions in a week, try to utilize every single minute on the court. What to teach your student in this limited time is a challenging task altogether. Here are some of the useful and helpful tips to run effective practices.

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Begin timely, finish in time:

You deal with several parents with tight schedules and jam-packed routines. Respect their time and utilize it properly. Always regard and appreciate the players arriving on time. It sets an excellent example for the other athletes. It’s not correct for players who are on the court and ready to go and losing precious time in waiting for other teammates to come. Never wait more than five minutes past schedules for latecomers; try to begin the practice. If you start the training session late, players will make it a habit of arriving late. Besides, honour the finished timeline. Families have other important commitments to fulfil and have planned accordingly. It’s better to wind up on time.

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Practices must be precise:

For the kindergarten and early elementary basketball players, the practice should remain brief and short. It must not exceed an hour. With effective management, you will be in a position to get more things in a short period. You rather have the children leave rather than dying to get out of there. 

As a player gets experienced, two hours of practice is enough for efficient training. It’s always tough to maintain focus, energy, and emphasis on one thing for a longer time. Commonly, an hour and a half are more than enough for sufficient practice with well-thought planning.

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Speak to every player:

Kids want attention and get noticed by their mentors. Greet them warmly on arrival, set a friendly and humble tone in practice through excitement and enthusiasm. All players must be glad to see you on the court. Explore times to interact with players before, after, and even during the practice sessions. Athletes respond well when they know you care and give them time.

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Minimize the distractions:

The coach must ensure all the players are in front of you so that they can witness you, hear you and respond with unnecessary distractions. Players should be positioned in a way; they are before you with eye-to-eye contact.

Have a proper plan:

Planning is integral for the efficient utilization of time and energy. Only showing up and winging it up won’t serve the purpose. The workout plan is a must to make the most out of the court practice time. A lot of the time is wasted in the breaks, transitioning among drills, and standing in the lines. The coach must structure and organize the drills to eliminate the wastage of time.

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Maximize the utilization of personnel, equipment, and facilities:

Try to give players as numerous repetitions as possible in the court and thus, minimize the waiting time standing in the long queues.  Utilize every parent and guardian willing to volunteer to assist the kids in the sports. This will help reduce wastage and maximize time and attention. Don’t allow the players to sit idle in the chairs, and thus, everyone must be on their toes and ready to go.

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Practice should be fun:

Kids want to have fun while moving around. Select the drills and basketball lead-up to make the sports more enjoyable and exciting for the children. A way to create interesting and fun activities is by pumping in some upbeat workout music. It can be played during warm-ups which will add a smile.

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