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Tips for AAU/ Travel team Basketball

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The Introduction:

Every team participating in summer basketball is not necessarily an AAU team. Numerous organizations that host basketball tournaments are not part of the AAU brand. AAU is a non-profit organization that you need to be a member of for hosting several AAU-certified events. There are several brilliant organizations out there other than AAU that any team can compete in. 

Here we will discuss in detail the procedure of choosing a team to play for. Every team is different and distinct from the other. Some are more well-organized than the rest. Some may have more funds and resources than others. We have some useful and helpful tips for you that will greatly support you in choosing the team to play for. 

From April to September is the crucial time of the year for any basketball player. This is the time to get in the gym to look and feel better. Never waste all your precious time playing all around the summer break. Work on the other skills as well, which will take you to another level. We have handy tips that can be considered before committing to a team or side.

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Meet the Coach:

Parents should be prepared with a list of queries to ask the coach. You should explore how long the coach is with the team. What is the background of the coach, his philosophy on basketball coaching?  Moreover, you must meet with the decision-makers within the organization. If the coach is one calling for all the shots, enquire about the funds, fees, and other things related to money. Following the instruction, you won’t be surprised down the road.  Always meet prepared with the essential questions in mind. 

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Watch out for a practice and workout:

Without teaching or instructing the kids about the game, observe if the timings of the game are properly followed or not. Nevertheless, pay attention to how the coach or mentor interacts and deals with the players. Discipline is also another thing that requires observation.  It provides you an idea of the type of coach your kids will be playing for. You can also get an idea about the other kids in the team in terms of manner and behavior. The last thing you want is that your child is influenced by negativity and wrong ways.

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Ask about how many games they will play during the summers:

It is imperative to know how many tournaments they will play in throughout the summer. Ask them about the games, time, and travel required. It will assist you in planning your schedules according to the events around your child’s basketball time. It’s a bonus if the team has already released a schedule of the matching along with its timings. It will give you a better insight into the time devoted to basketball during the summers.

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Interact with other parents:

Communicate with the other parents of the kids that are playing for the same team. It will provide you with plenty of ideas and opinions that help in forming a reasonable conclusion.  Ask them about the treatment of coaches towards players, are they punctual and disciplined in their conduct, and do the coaches carry themselves professionally? Furthermore, parents of former players will share their experiences and how much enjoyment kids have while playing. 

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Final words:

By gathering all the lucrative information from the different sources, will give you an idea of which particular team fits your child’s specifications. You need to brainstorm about your kid’s requirements to get better results from your research.  


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