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Students looking to acquire scholarships for college education or students with a passion for sports usually turn towards athletics. For the case of basketball, it is highly recommended for the students to join a basketball camp.

Joining a basketball camp has various benefits, including a greater chance of being noticed by a recruiter and attaining a scholarship.

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 Two Categories for Basketball Camp

 Basketball training camps:

Attendees are offered lessons with coaches and former professionals to improve their skills and understanding of the game. Offered both during the day and overnight, they can also cater to certain age groups, skill levels, and genders.

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 Basketball showcases:

These are for older, advanced players to gain recognition from recruiters. They consist of competitions to showcase the players’ skillsets and can also involve drills.

 The fees for these camps lie on a spectrum of $100 to over $1000 depending on the number of days, size, prestige, elite instructors, facilities, etc., but it is a good investment to make for the future and to obtain college scholarships.

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 Major basketball camps:

-US Sports Camps/Nike Basketball Camps

-STACK Basketball Camp (Mahwah, NJ)

-PGC Basketball Camps

-MBSC Adidas Basketball Camps

-Coach K’s Duke Basketball Camps

-Five-Star Basketball Academy

-Legarza Basketball Camps

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 Basketball seasons

 Usually, the interscholastic basket season is fall and winter, so the camps are held in spring and summer. July is the biggest month for men’s basketball recruitment. It makes up a bulk of NCAA evaluation; women’s, however, extends to spring, fall and winter. Winter camps are ideal for those who can’t yet compete in the interscholastic league.

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 Catching recruiters 

 It is important to be seen by recruiters to get your basketball scholarship. This implies that it is a must to play in a basketball showcase to get noticed by coaches and scouts. In fact, signing up for a combine is great; it contains a series of tests to evaluate a players’ skills. Mostly, the showcase tournaments are held in June.

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 Some important basketball showcases: 

* Nike Elite Youth Basketball League

* Under Armour Shootout Series

* Adidas Gauntlet Series

* Hoop Group Elite Exposure Tour

* NCAA Youth Development Camps

 Recruiters pay very close attention to a player’s personality and their attitude, both during and after a game, even in between. This is so that they can recruit players who will work well with the team they are building and carry their basketball culture. They will observe you even during your breaks. An important thing to remember, once you reach an elite basketball camp, is to make yourself stand out. 

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 Next College Student Athlete (NCSA)

 Each year there are 20,000 or so college basketball scholarships available equally for men and women, which is why it is very hard to obtain one. NCSA is an organization that can help increase your chances.

 NCSA connects players to coaches through the world’s largest collegiate recruiting network so that your name and skills are presented to thousands of coaches. 24,000 athletes obtained a college sports program through NCSA the previous year. Applying through it increases a player’s chances of a scholarship.


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