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Dribbling Exercises that can Change Your Game

Are you looking to improve your basketball skills? There are always methods to enhance your basketball abilities, whether you’re a novice or looking to get off the sideline and into the play. And besides, even the most aggressive players put forth a lot of effort on a daily basis! You’ll be on your way to the NBA if you work on your stance or improve your dribbling.

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How to Do Dribbling Exercises (Basic)

Make sure you’re dribbling in the right position. Your knees should be shoulder-width apart, and you should be standing up and ready to go. Standing with your knees locked is not a good idea. Always keep your equilibrium; if you don’t, you could wind up stumbling over yourself.

The ball should bounce no taller than your waist as you play. Also, when dribbling, keep your wrist moving to maintain the ball under grasp. The ball should not come taller than your mid-thigh in a defensive posture.

Study how to dribble the ball. Begin by doing as much as you can; you’ll have to develop a sense of how the ball travels and reacts to the pressure you apply. It’s also a great way to work on each hand separately to become used to moving to the right and left. Alternate between bouncing it forcefully and softly.

On the move, switch hands. This is referred to as a crossover. Begin dribbling in a zig-zag manner along with the court or down your carport: move ahead and right for two steps, then swing the ball to your left hand and continue forward and left for two feet. Do the same thing backward once you’ve mastered that.

Keep your gaze raised. Dribbling without staring at the ball is one of the most crucial abilities to acquire in the early stages of dribbling. It’ll be difficult at first, but you’ll soon need to feel the ball without seeing it. As you begin dribbling, fix your gaze on a point (such as the edge of the basketball hoop) and go through your dribbling routines.

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How to Do Dribbling Exercises (Advanced)

Enhance your dribbling power. Consider power-dribbling to be the “run” in the crawl-walk-run formula. When you first begin out, your main focus is keeping the ball near to your hand, but as time goes on, you’ll want to make sure the ball returns to your hand as rapidly as possible, with as much strength and precision as doable.

Power crossovers should be practiced. A crossing is a dribble in which the ball is passed back and forth between the hands. A fast crossing makes it more difficult for a defender to grab the ball or stop you in your tracks. Allen Iverson was noted for his lightning-fast and tremendous crossovers in the late 1990s.

Dribble two balls together. When you’re feeling particularly good about your power dribbling, try dribbling two balls at once. This helps to subconsciously instill the behavior. You’ll be in terrific dribbling form if you can power-dribble two balls consecutively all the way down the court.


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