Daniel Sweeney
Mahwah, New Jersey
January 8, 2017

My high school basketball career has officially started a few days ago. Ever since i was in 6th grade i have played for coach Ryan’s STACK AAU teams. It was truly an honor to play for coach Ryan. He is just a great guy/coach on and off the court and he is dedicated to the game of basketball. Coach Ryan has developed my skills of basketball to an extreme since i was in 6th grade. He has taught me how to become an elite basketball player offensively and defensively. Also, he helped me make some adjustments to my jump shot to become a great shooter. I am blessed to have such a great coach that motivates me to become a great basketball player and also to say that I really loved playing for STACK. Thank you so much coach. I will take all of the tips you have given me in the past 3 years into my next 4 years of high school basketball Also thanks to Coach Devon and Coach Eric for also helping me develop my skills and motivating me to become a better basketball player.

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